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Double Championship Challenge Update, and Food for Thought… Where To Find The Best Cooking and Wings in the World!

 First, an update on our remaining candidates in The SDC Blogs’ Double Championship Challenge, and their respective representatives:

 Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook, and Duncan Keith – represented by Rich Abney.




Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fluery – represented by Grant McMillan and Adam Whitmore. 



Patrice Bergeron – unclaimed.


Mike Richards and Chris Pronger – represented by Ryley Herzog.


Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, and Patrick Marleau – represented by Rob Cunning.



Mike Babcock – unclaimed.






Roberto Luongo – represented by Casey Fodor and Jeff Bourne. 

Good Luck to all participants!  I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see a Chicago-Pittsburgh final… we”ll see what pans out!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Now for something completely different, some good old-fashioned blogging non-sense….

Recently, I got my annual box of Girl Guide cookies.  Every year I have the same thought: why can’t they sell boxes of just the vanilla cookies?  They’re just so much better than the chocolate row.  I can never find anyone in time that’s willing to trade all my chocolate cookies for all their vanilla cookies.  I ate them all.  Don’t act like you’ve never eaten an entire box yourself. 


I just don’t understand why Saskatchewan is the only place on the planet that knows to mix hot sauce and ranch together to make buffalo wings.  It’s an incredible combination; dare I say the best one out there for chicken wing sauces.  I always have to order a side of ranch dressing with my wings at restaurants, because no one here knows what I’m talking about.  Shoutout to the Moose Jaw Brewsters/Cornerstone Pub for making the best wings I’ve ever had, anywhere.


Avocadoes are runaway the best vegetable on the planet. Probably ever. Put them on anything and tell me the food’s not instantly better.  Good for you too.  And with great avocadoes, of course come great guacamole, which is currently dominating even Old El Paso salsa (best salsa EVER) in my chip-dipping world.  So hot right now, Avocadoes.   


Never, EVER,  turn down Mexican food made by an actual Mexicans.  I don’t mean the North American infused Tex-Mex stuff you get at Taco Bell or Taco Time, I mean a homemade meal cooked the way that was passed down through Mexican families.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience it twice, and man, it’s on another level.  Fresh cooked corn tortillas, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, and whatever meat happens to be on the menu… freaking incredible.  So good…


There should be a rule against selling/growing mandarin oranges with seeds in them.  Ever buy a box of oranges that was full of seeds that just absolutely wrecked your day, all because after you bit into the orange slice and crunched down on an unexpected and unwelcomed seed?  I’ll tell you what it is, the problem arises when you buy “Chinese” oranges instead of “Japanese” oranges (the traditional Christmas oranges).  No I don’t dislike Chinese people for all those jumping to conclusions, I just need the right oranges sent over for me to demolish with pleasure.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?

  1. Grant
    May 8, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    I just bought my first box of girl guide cookies in about 20 years. I’d gladly trade you vanilla for chocolate! In fact, I’ll save them for when you come down next – that’s how badly I DON’T want them 🙂

    Nice to see my pick is still in the running. I have given up on the Canuckleheads again this year. I’m rooting for the Penguins.

    • May 9, 2010 at 1:26 am

      sadly, I demolished all my girl guide cookies; vanilla and chocolate alike. But if you keep your vanillas on hand until our next meeting, I will gladly take them off your hands in exchange for nothing 🙂

      I think that Pens pick is going to take you pretty deep in the contest. I don’t blame you for dumping the ‘Nuckleheads; they’ll be making their usual 2nd round exit fairly soon. We’ll just have to wait and see what actually transpires in the end of it all…

  2. ryley
    May 10, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Avacados are garbage. I hate them like newman hates brocolli.
    and I agree fully on the girlguide cookies. Vanilla is the best. However when do we get a new flavor added in? Why do we have to be stuck with only vanilla and chocolate?

    • May 10, 2010 at 9:54 pm

      Wow, you are so wrong about avocados. Not only are they awesome tasting, they are awesome for you too. Wake up and smell the guacamole, man. Newman tried to eat Kramer because he had butter all over him, so I don’t think he’s the best judge of what to and what not to ingest. Also, he’s fat.

      I seem to recall there being mint girl guide cookies at one point; those my friend, were garbage. I don’t think we’re stuck with vanilla and chocolate, I think that at some point you just stick with what brought you to the dance; those flavors are fool proof, and I’m sure the big wig Girl Guides see those two failsafes bringing in more dough for everyone that continues to try and make us people believe that girls learning how to make popcorn necklaces is something I need to support by buying a tray of cookies.

      Are you putting a pick in the contest or what???

  3. ryley
    May 11, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Just put me down for richards and the flyers. They’re who I wouldve taken anyway

    • May 12, 2010 at 10:33 pm

      that pick is starting to look better by the day!

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