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Hockey, Sports, and Non-Sense: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things….

Ok, first some shameless self-promotion…. I’ve been published! Like, in a real newspaper! “The View” in Lake Country will be printing my stuff every two weeks, both in ink and online. Here’s a link to the first one. If you live in the Winfield/Lake Country area, be sure to pick up a copy and have a gander. Check out their website too, and follow them on Twitter.


Ok, some hockey…..

Wish as you might, you're no Gretzky's.

As much as I hate the Vancouver Canucks, I do have to be objective from time to time, and give them their due. They’ve had an unreal season. The Sedin’s are running things. Can you imagine how many points Daniel would have had last season, had he not gotten hurt? Nearly comparable to what Sid Crosby might have ended up with minus his concussion this season. That ‘C’ might even have ended up on his sweater, rather than Henrik’s. Well, enjoy your President’s Trophy win. And remember, that award is for REGULAR SEASON accomplishments. If you’d forgotten that the playoffs are a whole other world, I’m sure a first round meeting with the Blackhawks will jog their memories pretty quick.  For the past 2 seasons, the President’s Trophy winner has lost in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs (Bruins, Captials), and it has been a curse to many other winners too.  Vancouver residents, have you purchased your 2011 riot protection gear yet?

Also, Alex Burrows leads the NHL in all-time most “what, no call?” looks at referees.


Speaking of Crosby…this is out of line, but it’d be funny if his returning to the NHL now because Mario Lemieux told him if he didn’t play again, he’d have to move out of his house and get a real job. Luckily for Sid, he’s been out of Mario’s for a while now. Supposedly.


"Say you're sorry, Mark!"

I don’t get why a respected veteran like Mark Recchi would say something stupid like a guy with a fractured vertebrae was embellishing. He said it was to take some heat off of Zdeno Chara after the Pacioretty incident, but I mean come on man, that’s pretty low. Those who argue his “veteran savvy” in diffusing a volatile situation can’t possibly compare what Recchi said to Gretzky showing up at Marty McSorley’s trial and drawing the media to the front of the building while Marty made a slick escape out the back. This is more like Chara did something regrettable, so Recchi went all topper, and said something stupider than Zdeno actually performed.  Just seems unnecessary, unclassy, and disrespectful, especially coming from a 2-time Stanley Cup champ, multi-time all-star, and future hall-of-famer.  Whatever. The Bruins slaughtered the Habs in the rematch, and basically just pwn them all around now.


TSN’s Oilers documentary, “Oil Change” seems like it was named with wishful thinking. They’re still awful, just like last year. What is it exactly, that changed? I’d still like to see more of this and HBO 24/7’ish NHL programming next season; and as I’ve mentioned before, it’d be unreal to shoot a show like this in the Cup finals.


Sports Shorts….

With the baseball season underway, go ahead and try to justify why MLB teams need to play 162 games a season. No really, go ahead, I dare you. Can’t do it? Shocking.


I loved this little quip from President Obama on the NFL labor dispute, especially the little smirk at the end: http://youtu.be/-x9NDSxGV90  Figure it out NFL.  Or your fans may be forced to endure a “New NFL“, too.


Is it just me, or does Andy Roddick seem like he’s trying WAAAY too hard to be the John McEnroe of this generation of tennis, verbally? I guess pro sports are entertainment after all; I’m sure sports not included in the “big 4” need to try a little harder to compete for viewership and advertising/merchandise sales.


Annnnnd, some non-sense……

I’ve purchased 3 Tim Hortons’ Roll-Up The Rim To Win Cups, and had one winner (coffee), leaving me with a .333 winning percentage. Could be better. But then again, it could be worse, and I could be addicted to coffee.


If you can’t pay your debt to the mafia, and they break your legs, or whatever, does that clear your debt, or do you still owe? Do they keep breaking more things until your cough up the cheddar, or does the bodily harm cover it?


If we all collectively start ignoring Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, & Justin Bieber, will they all go away and disappear from conversation?


Piers Morgan is the worst interviewer on TV. And of all-time. Someone make him go away. Who thought he’d actually work out as a follow-up to Larry King?


Scream 4? Come on….seriously? They actually thought it was a good idea to make another one of those?  The Arquette split must’ve been more expensive than either David or Courtney realized it would be.


Instead of going on detox diets, why don’t people just not-tox in the first place? Wouldn’t that save a lot of time, pain, and money?


Is it just me, or do most minimum wage jobs require a lot more actual, physical work than most high paying jobs?


Whomever ended up with 555-5555 as their phone number must regret accepting those digits.


The band Rush, to me, is as rap music is to my dad: Bothersome noise. Turn that crap off!


  1. ryley
    April 2, 2011 at 5:19 am

    The mlb season is 162 games because. Clearly it can be that long. Lol. Its not like by the time they get to game 145 players are collapsing on the field from over exertion. Plus if some of these guys are making 15 mil a year they better be putting in that many games.

    I never thought the day would come. I have to admit (and this is hard because I loath most everything vancouver canucks) but the twins are bonafide stars in the NHL. They’re skill and sense on the ice is astounding some nights. It really is amazing and beneficial for the game of hockey that burke was able to draft these two to the same team.that being said I hope for their own sake they don’t play chi town first round. 8 seed or not that’s a team that can bury you.

    I don’t know if this sounds ridiculous or not but I feel as if the league is stopping syds return to the pens lineup. And I mean that, in the sense that they don’t want to lose the ‘face of the league’. I agree that it would be a tragedy if crosbys career was ever cut short to due injury. But I can’t help but feel ultimately at the end of the day its mr. Bettmans call whether crosby gets the green light to play or not (make money now with him in the lineup/ continue to make money in the future by taking absolutely every procaution necessary and then some before he gets back to ensure long term financial profitability off of him.

    Lol I like how you have sheen (drug addict,potential alien,the man with tiger blood,sexaholic)
    Lohan (thief, drug abuser,repeat offender of the law)
    And beiber (successful, really uncontroversial pop icon)

    In the same discussion.
    I understand JB’s status and how we have to hear about him every single day whether it be about his touring down to his hair. However atleast he’s somewhat of a positive role model to youth out there. Sheen and lohan are (as mr.goodman from dodgeball once said ) skidmarks on the underpants of society.

    And finally I believe the segments of 24/7 are absolutely epic. And I’d like them to happen before/ and only for any big sporting event. That way if you only had them for the stanley cup final/super bowl etc the novelty wouldn’t wear off and its would still kick ***

    O and congrats on getting published SDC. I look forward to reading more or your articles. Will they be in the next issue of the ‘View’?

    • SDC
      April 6, 2011 at 10:42 pm

      but the thing is, by game 145, fans are collapsing from boredom.

      I hate the Canucks too, but you gotta give credit when it’s due. The Sedin’s lit the league this year.

      Your Crosby conspiracy theory seems like shades of The SDC Blogs…. interesting. I don’t think it’s that crazy. Pro hockey players are performers in a business; assets if you will. Garnering long-term residual revenue would be a smarter business decision on Bettman’s part, and would evade a tragic Bobby Orr like shortened career. Ultimately, I think we’ll see Sid back during this year’s playoffs, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past Bettman to veto the return.

      Beiber’s uncontroversial? How many other pre-teens do you know with a 3D movie, autobiography, and sought after mop-hair cut? The kid can sing, but he’s a pure media work. If something as ugly as Tiger Woods’ secrets came out, rest assured, something’s gonna come out on Bieber, someday. Your Sheen/Lohan assessment is spot-on.

      I love the nostalgia of the 24/7 Winter Classic series’, but I think it’s time to move on to something a little more epic than a mid-season fuzzy-feeling game. It’s time to 24/7 the Stanley Cup Finals. If that didn’t blow the roof off of selling hockey to the American audience, nothing will.

      Thanks on the congrats! Look for my next article in the April 8th edition of The View!!

  2. ryley
    April 7, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Where can I pick up the view dave?

    • SDC
      April 7, 2011 at 8:47 pm

      ummm…. I actually don’t know. We always have a few extra copies at Blackbelts if you wanna pop in there and grab one. Otherwise, go to their website contact page and ask where they are distributed: http://lakecountrybulletin.com/contactus.php

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