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[Guest Post] Grant McMillan On Hockey Blogs, Bloggers, and Some Canucks Predictions & Nostalgia.

Hi Folks, hope you enjoyed our first guest post.  Did anybody play by any of the rules?  Keep me posted on your results, everyone.

I’m equally pleased to bring you our second guest poster: Grant McMillan of Langley, BC.  Grant’s a good friend of mine who also has his own blog (one about Registrar-ing, and the other about Woodcarvings he does which are quite good and you should buy), and not one but two Twitter identities.  Follow the links and stalk at will.  He was the Registrar at Briercrest College (where I got my degree and played hockey for four years), and how has moved on to the same gig at Trinity Western University, where, oddly enough, my younger brother just graduated from.  GMac has been facilitating Cunnings graduation from post-secondary education since 2006, so the least I can do is slot him in for a guest post.

He’s also a tested and true Canucks fan, and I’ve let him run with that, plus some interesting notes on hockey blogs and bloggers in general.  Two asterisks’ I have to mention are that I have no recollection of the call he says I made on him whist refereeing a game of his (though I did take my share of hits to the head over my career), and also that I’m not so much a Blackhawks fan as I am an anti-Canucks fan.  So with those clarification points and precursors, I won’t give away anymore, so read on!





Hey!  I am Grant McMillan, and I blog about everything except hockey (I have two blogs going right now), but not because I don’t enjoy hockey. I do enjoy it very much, but up till now I haven’t written about it because I’ve been either reading great hockey blogs (like Serenity Now) or I’ve been trying to avoid reading bad hockey blogs (as you’ll see below).

I’m a regular reader of Serenity Now and I am a fan of Dave’s writing and humour. He knows hockey because he’s played at a very high level and he’s even refereed games I’ve played. That’s important for me to respect his writing, although I still say he missed the call when he gave me a penalty for fighting. I mean, come on, turtling does not count as fighting. It might count as a scrum after the whistle… but I digress.

I’ve also been holding out because I think too many people who don’t really know hockey are writing about the game they know not. For an example of this, check out the sorry state of “hockey” blogging at http://vansunsportsblogs.com/topics/hockey/pass-it-to-bulis-hockey/

I happen to know both of these dufuses (one of them works for me in his day job). Neither has played hockey at any level before – in fact, neither of them can outskate my dearly departed grandmother. Yet they both seem to think they can write about hockey. Thank you very much for trying but some people should stick to playing scrabble.

As I said, these are the reasons I’ve been holding off blogging about hockey. Dave probably didn’t realize what he was getting into when he invited me to write. I mean, it would be hard to find a more hard-core Vancouver Canucks fan than me. As proof, I loved Harold Snepts before Dave was even born! I was at the rink for Tiger Williams’ first game and first fight as a Canuck (which was about 30 seconds after the start of the game). I yelled myself hoarse cheering for Stan “The Steamer” Smyl in ‘82 and cried myself silly in ’94 when Kirk McLean and Trevor Linden leaned on each other after the big loss. Yup, I even bought a Canuck’s jersey as proof of my fidelity. So when Dave trashes the Canucks and says he’s cheering for the Blackhawks, I usually write him a snarky note. Why he invites such ridicule is beyond me.

And he’s going to be facing a lot of ribbing from me this year because my beloved Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup. The best part? He’s going to go down early because the Blackhawks and Canucks face each other in the first round. That’ll be a brush-off for facing real teams. The Hawks are decimated; the Canucks have a chip on their shoulder. Yep, life is going to be difficult for Dave in the next two weeks.

And I can’t wait to rub it in. Heh heh heh…

Ok, now back to my other blog where you can trash-talk me all you like: http://grantmcmillan.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/a-new-carving-blog/


  1. JS Topher
    April 14, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Pass it to Bulis is a great site. The blog is both entertaining and insightful and they do very well at what they do. They offer a great read from a fan point of view and contrary to what you suggest, they know hockey. Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so; they’ve just been picked up by the Vancouver Sun. Newsflash: Just because you haven’t played a sport doesn’t mean you don’t know about it. Likewise, having played a sport is not proof that you are all knowing about said sport.

    Point in case: The “big loss” which you referred to, took place in New York. Maybe your eyes were too tearful to notice but the jersey’s worn that night were black. As this was ’94, the it was the home teams who wore the white jerseys, not the away team. The color of the jersey’s worn when Linden and McLean leaned on each other was white. The NHL didn’t change this rule until 2003. Thus, the infamous “lean” and photo-op occured here in Vancouver after they won game 6.
    Tsk Tsk… At least the PiTB writers do their research.

    I wonder what your dearly departed grandmother would think of her “dufus” grandson name-dropping her in such a poorly designed blog entry.
    Thank you very much for trying, but some people should stick to carving wood.

  2. April 14, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Huh. I’m a little confused, JS Topher. Where o where did I say anything about the colour of a jersey? Perhaps you read “Black” where I said “Blackhawks? Maybe you should read first and take shots second. Or perhaps you’ve been participating in one of those drinking games…

  3. SDC
    April 14, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Oh snap. For the record, JS, it was I, not Grant that put the “lean” picture in the blog. As Grant mentioned, I am not a Canucks fan, and wouldn’t allow a pro-Canucks post without retaining my right to creative control. You are correct in your historical data though, and Grant you wouldn’t have cried yourself silly when you saw “the lean” because that wasn’t when they were ousted (Mark Messier hoisted the Cup in a white Rangers jersey, so Van would’ve been wearing black). That was a far more glorious day that came later. But I digress. But still, JS, don’t speak of people’s departed grandmothers, it’s a bit hack-y. And tasteless. The point Grant was making was that he’s a big Canucks fan. We all know Canucks fans seem to see history a little different than reality does 🙂 And you both likely have been playing drinking games if you think this season will end in a different result than every year of the Vancouver Canucks’ existence — Cup-less.

  4. ryley
    April 15, 2011 at 9:56 am

    GM I think was JS was getting at was that u mentioned u cried when linden was leaning on kirk after losing the big game….u then post a picture which doesn’t seem to resemble the big game at all…which would be the series ender…which would mean the canucks would have been in there roaides..if I’m not mistaken.
    Maybe I’m wrong on that but that was my take.
    My take on this blog in general was wow. U have the nerve to bash other peoples blogs…then give us the least insightful blog I might have ever seen.
    First off. You don’t need to play a sport to know the inner workings of it. Just like u don’t need to play a sport to appreciate the time,effort and skill needed to play at a high level.
    Iv never heard of the PITB blog. So I skimmed over some of their stuff and while it maybe isn’t the best thing out there for the most part its fun and at the very least a bit insightful. You go on bashing those ‘dufuses’ and then all you talk about is how big of a nucks fan u are….cool? Oh and then there’s this piece of info that really had me reeling with amazement….the hawks are decimated…and the canucks have a chip on their shoulder. I’m not going to assume that all your blogs are like this. But I know I come to serenity now because dave offers a different insight into things and his outlook on some subjects really makes me feel like iv left the blog with a better understanding of the subject.
    Leaving this blog all I can gather is..
    You like the canucks
    You like self promotion. Which is what this whole write up felt like
    You seem to think because some guys can’t skate as well as others that makes their blogs less valid. Only to prove the point that even if you played hockey blogs can be stagnant and useless.
    Sorry dave…I don’t like bringing negativity to your blogging space. And I try and keep it as positive as I can most times. But I couldn’t not say anything about this one.

    • SDC
      April 15, 2011 at 10:28 pm

      No apologies necessary. Part of the aim of this blog is to encourage discussion — everyone is entitled to their opinion on ANY post that appears here. Keep in mind that Grant does not blog about hockey with any regularity, and this was the first one I’ve seen from him. When you offer your stance to the uncountable potential audience of the internet, you need to be prepared to catch some flack here and there. Grant knows that, and he’s plenty capable of taking criticism too. After all, he posted a pro-Canucks blog on the blog of a well known anti-Canuck; something was bound to be said, whether from this angle of another 🙂

  5. JS Topher
    April 15, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Wow. Again Grant, you’ve got yourself out there giving directions on proper conduct (re: my need to read then take a shot) then fail to practise what you preach. Ryley was right in his analysis; a task I’m sure was hardly difficult. Kudos Ryley, for figuring it out. Kudos as well for the arguement you continued to make in your comment. I agree full-heartedly. Maybe Grant makes a good point though, if you aren’t experienced in something, maybe you should just stay away from it. The founders of Pass it To Bulis are educated writers. Grant McMillan, clearly, is not.

  6. April 15, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Sorry guys. I didn’t post the picture. I was as surprised as you, but Dave takes the blame above.

  7. SDC
    April 15, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Interesting point we’ve widdled down to though — does experience dictate credible insight into a topic, more so than inexperience/research? Personally, I’m more akin to listening to hockey information from former players or coaches; in particular those who have had success in the game. I don’t regularly read Pass It To Bulis, but I do enjoy Bourne’s Blog (and his other sites of publication); and I know a big part of Bourne’s appeal is his experience in the game. The guy doesn’t have a journalism degree, and his research is generally him in front of the NHL network and a laptop. But he writes an insightful and entertaining product, which, again as a former player myself, I am much more drawn to than “Hockey Insiders” and people who follow and research the game, but couldn’t stand up on their skates without holding the boards for balance. While I respect their effort and ability in writing and presentation, I know which paper I would take off the newsstand if they were beside each other and I could only choose one. But that’s just my opinion. And I think Grant’s too, though he didn’t quite put it as delicately 🙂

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