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Hockey Tech: Slapshot Your Phone, and Get Your Popcorn Delivered To Your Seats

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
Hi folks!
Some interesting hockey related tech that was sent my way. Thought you might enjoy.
Taap.it is a mobile app that allows you to order concessions at your favorite sporting event directly from your phone, and it’s coming to an arena near you.
They are working with teams like the New York Islanders to help them make their patrons experience more enjoyable by using our app.
Game Changer: Order concessions at your favorite sporting event directly from your smart phone and more.

New York, NY Feb 7, 2012 – Taap.it Live Local plans on revolutionizing the way fans experience sporting events. One of the most arduous, but accepted parts of going to a sports game is waiting on long lines to get something to eat and drink. Fans everywhere have accepted the fact if they want to get something to eat, they will have to miss some of the game. Taap.it has now solved that problem. Through Taap.it’s highly successful mobile application, fans will now be able to order food and beverages straight from their smart phones and have it delivered to their seats.
“This new feature to our mobile app is something we have been working on for months now, and we are very excited about,” said Andrew Calagna, Director of Event Marketing for Taap.it.  “We are going to enhance the overall experience of sport fans everywhere.” The application will have detailed pictures and descriptions of selected food items in the arena, so the fans will know exactly what they are getting as they order it.
Ordering concessions, isn’t the only feature Taap.it is bringing to the table. Their mobile application will let fans participate in contests, vote for player of the game, and rate player performances and much more.  “We know we aren’t the first ones the come up with the idea of using a smart phone to order food, but we are going to be the first to have a truely interactive experience with the fans.” said Andrew. “While we cannot disclose the franchises we are teaming up with at this time, we can say that we are very excited about these future partnerships. This is going to be a game changer.”
Taap.it Live Local is a mobile platform that allows users to quickly connect with other individuals or businesses in their area to buy and sell anything from laptops and clothing to apartments and food. Heralded by Technoverse as “a blockbuster”, Taap.it has already sparked partnerships with over 5,000 businesses in New York City, since it launched its beta at TechCrunch Disrupt in May 2011, including real estate brokerages Bond New York and Exit Kingdom Reality, retailer Harlem’s Heaven Hat Boutique, and restaurants T.S. Ma and Mellie’s Seafood Restaurant. TheNextWeb.com reported that in its first two months Taap.it “crossed an impressive $2.4 million”. With close to 20,000 downloads and an average of 15 new members each day Taap.it is quickly rising in the ranks of mobile platforms that combine community and commerce in a local setting. Taap.it is currently available for a FREE download in the apple app store.www.taap.it (Contact: Matthew James, 240-472-4624matthew@taap.it)
And also…
if you were wondering whether your iPhone case is strong enough to protect your iPhone from being destroyed after being slapshotted, G-Form’s cases can:
Personally, I don’t know that I need a battletank of a phone case, but I also really do not want a cracked screen or broken phone. Some of you clutzo’s out there know you indeed need a battletank of a case, so this is probably for you.
check out http://g-form.com/ for more info.
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