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Hockey Talkie: Boston’s Beating Ability, BP’s Bandwagons, Bettman, and some Winnipeg Saga Thoughts.

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

So it’s become abruptly apparent that the Boston Bruins can beat the Vancouver Canucks. And I use the word beat with two definitions: one, mercilessly on the scoreboard; and two, physically mauling them all over the ice… Lucic slapped Burrows around, and even Tim Thomas hammered a Sedin. When I was debating who would come out of the Eastern Conference to play Vancouver, I reasoned that Tampa would offer a strong skating and finesse challenge, while Boston’s would be of a far more physical, bruising variety. I’m dumbfounded why it took Boston until game 3 to figure out the strategy to success, but nonetheless, here we are. With game 4 leading to either a 3-1 Vancouver lead, or a 2-2 series draw, “pivotal” seems to be an accurate descriptive term to use. I wonder which Boston team will show up.

An interesting tidbit I heard on Sportsnet was about how in Round 1, when Raffi Torres hit Brent Seabrook, and how that seemed to be an awakening point for Chicago. The Rome hit on Horton and the resulting game score doesn’t seem to be straying from that pattern.

Speaking of that hit (and the people who have to deal with it), why did they replace Colin Campbell with Brendan Shanahan mid-playoffs? Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a good move and Shanahan will be a great fit, but why not start with a clean slate next season? Now an inexperienced Shanny is thrown directly into the fire, and has to deal with this exact high-stakes scenario, instead of Campbell, who’d surely been down that road before, and probably has a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book to reach a conclusion through.  By the way, this is a clear late, blindside headshot, that he left his feet on.  Open and shut.  There’s no reason Rome should play next game, at the very least.

Also on NHL decisions, I want to know why they can’t strike a deal with the NBA to start one of the leagues one month earlier so the seasons and championships don’t overlap. Seems like a dropped ball in the ratings department, or in the how-can-we-make-Dave-care-about-basketball department. Wait a minute… didn’t Bettman used to work for the NBA??

I haven’t decided yet whether I think Tim Thomas’ laughy-smiles after making saves are Cool Hand Luke-like, or Joker-like.


Does Boston Pizza not seem like the world’s worst bandwagon jumper? First they “changed” their name to Montreal Pizza, now they’re Vancouver Pizza…. all the while, their ACTUAL NAMESAKE was in the playoffs the whole time, and doing just fine. If there’s any Boston Pizza restaurants in the actual city of Boston, I wouldn’t be surprised at a rise in police reports of suspicious arsons.

The gym I work at has the TV’s on mute and uses closed-captioning for shows while the satellite radio is playing. Fair enough. But I do have a couple of balks at the CC system…. one: closed-captioning spelled Ryan Kesler’s last name as “Koestler”. While his jersey was on the screen; namebar and everything. Are blind people CC writing for the deaf? And, two: Do sports closed-caption writers put the text boxes right over the score on purpose? It’s bad enough I can’t hear the game, must I be deprived of the score at all times too?


“So you want me to pack my life up in Hot-lanta, and move to Winter-peg? No thanks.” said every Atlanta Thrashers player and staff member, upon learning of the franchise’s relocation.

So chasing the Coyotes franchise was just a gigantic waste of Winnipegers time, hey? Why did they not just pursue the Thrashers from the start? Was it just nostalgic sentiments that wanted the Coyotes franchise back? I mean, what would have even been the same, besides Shane Doan? All I know is, it’s gonna get awkward next season when the Thrashers are in Winnipeg masquerading as the Jets, and the Coyotes/real Jets still don’t have legit owners and need a new home. Also, the Coyotes playing in Winnipeg will be interesting too.

So Gary Bettman comes out at the True North press conference and says it’s not going to work in Winnipeg if the building isn’t sold out every night? What kind of deal did you make, Bettman? He’s so proud of himself for making stable deals, and doesn’t like to move franchises, yet he basically threatens to take away Winnipeg’s team again if there aren’t enough people in the rink? Good thing Winnipegers already bought 13,000 season tickets. Well done, Manitobans.

Interestingly, Bettman also said if True North wants the Jets name for the franchise, the NHL will make it available to them.

Forget rennovating the MTS Centre to seat more people, Winnipeg needs to immediately spend every dollar of its cap space on trading for Teemu Selanne.

Cabbie Courtesy, and Lemon-Aid for Lemonade: Pun Intended.

November 5, 2009 3 comments

I ordered a Lemonade with my lunch the other day at Boston Pizza.  The glass came equipped with the lemon-wedge adorned rim.  Immediately upon squeezing my lemon into the lemonade, I wondered, doesn’t this seem a little overkill?


What’s so bad about intending a pun, anyways?  Why must everyone disclaim “No Pun Intended,” once they’ve spoken one, making it clear that they didn’t mean to do it?  You can make a case for the stinkers, and the “Grandpa jokes,” but is it really that bad to insinuate a little humor into your speech patterns, now and then?


Charlie and the Great Glass... cab driver enclosure.From time to time, everyone needs to take a taxi.  Perhaps you’re going to the airport, too drunk to drive, or have other reasons.  One question I have is, where are you supposed to sit?  TV and movies make it seem obligatory to sit in the back seat.  I think in some larger cities, the driver actually sits in a glass box of sorts for protection, and back seat is your only option.  Is it so crazy to grab for the handle of the front seat?

Lets work with 5 seat cab theory; that is, 3 seats in the back, one shotgun passenger, one driver. If you’re riding with an equal amount of people to seats ratio (in this case, 4 total), then it seems obvious.  If you have 3, you have the option of a back-row bunch-up, or sending one to the front to allow a buffer zone for the cheap seats.  If you have 2, it would seem awkward to sit one in the front and one in the back, so I would say you gotta both bunk in the back.  But what about the solo act? 

If you head directly to the back, then you conform to all social presuppositions on the subject.  You then also indirectly insinuate that your cab ride is serving an “a to b” purpose; in that social interaction with the driver is not something you’re going to initiate (perhaps this is fine with you).  However, this may cause the driver to talk to you more, in hopes of earning a larger tip (not applicable to Asian cabbies).  It may also lead to a very silent, and awkward drive.   

If you select the front seat, you’re likely comfortable sitting unusually close to someone you don’t know.  You’ve indirectly broken the social code norm, but now you’re not sure how to behave in the position.  You feel obligated to talk and to maintain conversation; but at least you can do so face to face, rather than face to back.  You can also keep an eye on the meter to mentally calculate what you’re going to leave on top.

front seat cab

Good points on both sides.  So what do you do?

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