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Product Review: The Tape Tiger by 3M Hockey

November 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi folks! The following is a product review done by friend of the blog, Rob Cunning. Rob is a software developer at Thinkingbox, an Athletic Therapist working out of the Langley/Vancouver BC area, and also my brother. He formerly was the AT for the Mt.Royal University Cougars men’s hockey team, and Trinity Western University Spartans men’s soccer team and men’s & women’s volleyball teams. He also played a little puck for Trinity Western University of the BCIHL, and some baseball for the University of Calgary Dinos, Kelowna Jays, Kwantlen Eagles and Burnaby Bulldogs too.

That all being said, Rob recently reviewed 3M’s Tape Tiger, a new hockey tape removal device, and below are his findings. Enjoy!



The Rob Report:


The Tape Tiger by 3M Hockey

The Tape Tiger is a new device from 3M’s Elite Series of hockey products, and is highly effective for easing the hassle of tape removal from a player’s hockey stick blade.

After using it, I was reminded of the “Shark” tape cutter, a tool Athletic Therapists use to remove tape from an athlete’s taped body part – a great tool which we use often in our field.

Upon using the Tape Tiger, I found that it removed hockey tape well, and did not leave any cut marks on the blade afterwards. Also, it did not matter which side of the blade I cut on, it was effectively removed the tape from both faces. However, I think it would be easier to remove tape from the backhand side of more curved blades with this tool, in my opinion.

The Tape Tiger was also able to cut through multiple layers of tape, for those who like to double-wrap (inexcusable, by the way), and have inadvertently thickened their tape removal problem.

It was really easy to cut fresh/more recent tape off of a blade with the Tape Tiger, however it did have some difficulty removing older tape (tape on a stick for 1+ years, maybe from that stick in your basement you haven’t re-taped since minor hockey, for example). That being said, it did get the job done in the end.

If ever necessary, the Tape Tiger’s blade may be a bit time consuming to change, as you have to unscrew it from the body in order to facilitate replacement. Once it’s unscrewed though, the replacement process is pretty easy – it only requires the user to slide the old blade out, slide a new one in its place, and retighten. However, treat it right and its stainless steel blade should serve you well for many seasons before any maintenance is required.

The deluxe version (which I demo’ed) comes equipped with a few handy little extras that the original version does not include:

1) A stone for removing burrs and nicks from skate blades – perfect to tune up an edge in a pinch when you’ve lost one mid-game and a trip to the hockey shop for a sharpening is out of the question.

2) A lace tightener – which is useful, but not something I’d use. Perhaps it would   be useful for a younger player still learning to tie their skates, or someone who struggles to tie their skates tight enough, but personally I can tie my skates well enough with my hands at this point. But again, useful if a scenario calls for it.

3) The lace tightener also triples as a bottle opener and a flathead screwdriver–great for beer league hockey, or any sort of post game celebration in the dressing room; and for when some knucklehead brings bottles into the dressing room instead of cans for the post-game.

4) The screwdriver is perfect for tightening or removing helmet screws, and possibly skate screws depending on which brand of skates you own.

5) There’s also a key ring thrown into this Swiss-Army knife-like mix, for, you know, attaching your keys to.

Overall, the Tape Tiger is a great device that does exactly what it says it does – quickly and easily removes hockey tape from a stick blade. Plus, it provides extra tools for situations that all hockey players encounter at some point and need a tool for. It’s especially great for players who already lug around toolbox worth of gadgets in their bag and could use some consolidation. However, if you have one of these, you run the risk of either becoming that guy with all the weird tools in his bag, or else the guy who never gets to use his own sweet stuff because everyone’s always borrowing it. It would be an asset to any team’s equipment manager too.

I rate this product as a buy. Pick one up at your local Canadian Tire next time you’re in one and chuck it in your hockey bag.


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To browse 3M Hockey’s full-line of Hockey Canada backed Core & Elite Series hockey products, visit:

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[Guest Post] A Cause I Hope You’ll Consider Supporting.

April 16, 2011 3 comments

Hi again, folks!  The guest blog feedback has been interesting.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts!  The latest is from my younger brother, Rob, who wants to let all of you know about something he is doing, and how you can support the cause.  Without any further adieu, please enjoy the latest guest blog, and please consider supporting him.





I hope this post finds you well.  My name is Rob Cunning; Dave’s brother.  This year, I am finishing my Athletic Therapy practicum at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.

Since I’ve been at TWU, I’ve really been challenged to grow in all aspects of my life.  We call this the ‘Complete Champion Approach’. Trinity is serious about helping build us all into future leaders and has programs in place to help us grow physically, educationally, mentally, and spiritually.

Part of the “CCA” is an opportunity to travel internationally with the team and serve people who are less fortunate than us. This year, the men’s soccer team (who I am the trainer for) has the opportunity to travel to Cotonou, Benin in West Africa from April 28-May 10/2011.  While in Benin we will partner with SportAid (the humanitarian arm of Athletes in Action)and Global Aid Network and their ‘Water for Life’ well drilling program, and to help bring God’s love to the people of Benin through word and deed. The main partnership will revolve around helping GAiN’s ‘Water for Life’ program which provides deep capped wells for villages across the country. For more info on this program please visit

This trip is also vital to the development of our athletes. TWU Athletics is committed to excellence on the field but we are even more committed to helping produce student athletes who are ‘Complete Champions’. The Complete Champion approach is holistic and looks to improve all areas of life. On this trip our athletes will experience the hardships others face, grow in leadership, have a chance to serve and give back, and grow in their spiritual journey.

Our basic mission is to help serve in various villages around the main city of Benin.  More specifically, here’s what we’ll be doing while we’re there:

• Help complete a drilled well (pour well casing and install pump).

• Teach hygiene and sanitation seminars in villages.

• Run soccer clinics for village children.

• Distribute soccer equipment. Most villages do not have a soccer ball.

• Participate in building a church meeting structure in villages that do not haveone.

• Play matches against local competition.

• Share God’s Love with those we serve.

TWU has sent teams all over the world the last couple of years but this is the first trip for the men’s soccer team. Needless to say we are very excited to see the results of this trip. I’m sure we will bring great joy to the people we visit as well as change within ourselves.

We cannot do this on our own though.

This team is made possible by interested individuals such as you who are willing to invest in our mission, and in that way become part of our team as we travel and compete.  Each member of our team is asked to raise $1,500, which is a portion of the team’s goal.  These funds will cover part of the costs of accommodations, food, travel, and materials. The overall program is raising the other half.

Would you help me take part in this unique opportunity this summer by giving a gift of $50, $100, or $200, or some other amount?  Please know that any amount will be helpful and greatly appreciated.  You will be helping bring clean water, hope, and love to the people we serve while in Benin.

If you would like to support me in this opportunity, please send your check (made payable to The Spartan Foundation) in the self-addressed envelope assoon as possible.  PLEASE DO NOT WRITE MY NAME ON THE MEMO LINE OF THE CHECK BUT INSTEAD WRITE MSOC BENIN TRIPBecause of my status as a collegiate athlete it is important that my name does not appear anywhere on the check.   Your gift will be tax-deductible.  For information on how to deliver your donation, please turn to the next page. I’ll let you know how the tour goes and all that God does in my life while I am there.  Please help us make a difference.  Thank you for your support!

To Give:

1. Make cheques payable to The Spartan Foundation (MSOC Missions Trip in Memo)

2. Send to PO Box 31052

RPO Thunderbird Village

Langley, BC V1M 0A9

OR Call 604.613.7710 to make credit card donations

OR contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding the trip or your donation: email: phone: 250 859 3381 or Facebook.

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